App Developers Manchester

Are you looking for app developers Manchester? Then look no further! You’ve found us! We’ll take you from idea to working apps in no time with our expertise and knowledge.

Get Business-Ready Apps & Features Produced Faster

We set ourselves apart from other app developers Manchester. When we partner with us, you can count on us to maximise our app development experience and find the right solutions for your project. We offer the right balance between creativity, functionality, and efficiency.

What’s more, we offer customised solutions that deliver the results you’re looking for. We offer flexible, robust cross-platform and cross-industry app solutions. You can rest assured that with our knowledge and experience, you’ll have a wonderful mobile experience for your company and customers every time.

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We’re an app developer that supports you through each step of the process. You never have to wonder what’s next when working with us. Our team starts with a comprehensive review of requirements and strategy, followed by design, and development, all the way through to the successful launch of your app across Android, iOS, and the web.
Whether it’s your first app or your eleventh, you can count on us to use our unique development process to give you and your customers an easy-to-use, time-saving app that builds loyalty, efficiency, and engagement.

App Developers Manchester

You can count on us for an amazing app development experience every time!


We pay close attention to optimising mobile performance by adjusting loads, creating clean backend environments, and a faster user interface.

User Experience

Each app we build is with the end user in mind. The result is a great user experience that is consistent across platforms.


We safeguard against potential security risks by following best practices as well as industry standards from the beginning of each project.


Our mobile solutions are capable of integrating with APIs, existing systems, and just about any other infrastructure you can think of.

Cross Platform Mobile Apps App Developers Manchester

Each of our mobile applications is developed with React Native and Xamarin. We understand this may sound like jargon, but that’s OK. What it really means is that we can build your app once for complete compatibility across all Apple and Android devices. This saves you money because development is significantly reduced.

What’s more, we’re always staying up with emerging technologies that can deliver more effective solutions. This tech offers the same amazing benefits, from utilising blockchain to superb security to automation with AI. We’re excited to use current approaches and add new technologies to our solutions, so your app is always cutting edge.

App Developers Manchester – Effortless Customer Care

When you’re developing an app, the process should include effortless customer care. Being left out of the process only creates stress when you’re left to wonder how things are going or whether the team remembered that last note you sent. We understand.

At Pragmtic Digital, we go the extra mile to keep you informed and part of the development process. After all, this is your application. Each app must include a different array of features and be customised in order to succeed. We’ve had the opportunity to be involved with countless projects that require different functionalities, including blockchain technology, IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities, geolocation, and more.

Drawing on strong design and development talent, we work with you each step of the way from concept to launch. We’re confident that we can deliver a brand new application that has the best chance to succeed. Along with customised functionality, we ensure that you experience customer care at each stage.

Benefits of Custom App Development for Your Business

Custom apps are becoming an integral part of doing business. Studies have shown that apps can save employees time and even increase revenues. Custom apps can be created to fit specific needs in your company or for customers.

There’s no question that custom apps bring several benefits, including:

Strengthens Customer Engagement

One of the most important benefits of custom apps is that they strengthen customer engagement. Not only can a custom app create a direct marketing channel between a business and its customer, but it also creates a direct communication channel.

For instance, your mobile app can include push and in-app notifications for customers when some new information is available. When notifications carry relevant, valuable content, customers are more likely to become loyal to the brand and choose your business over others.

Build Brand Awareness & Recognition

Mobile apps are also an effective tool for developing brand awareness and recognition. It’s like having a free advertisement to get updates and news out to customers quickly and easily. The key is creating an app that contains content beneficial to customers, with a beautiful, branded design.

Services & Payment

A customised app is also a great way to offer unique services and payment options. For instance, a healthcare clinic or spa may find it beneficial to create an app that makes it easy to book an appointment. Push notifications can then be used to remind the client or patient about their upcoming appointment.

Mobile payment services can also be designed into the app. Payments can be set up for direct payment or via credit and debit cards.

Project Management is Easier

Mobile apps are an efficient and effective tool for project management. Custom apps can be installed to record real-time data on the project progress and deadlines. Updates can also be sent through the app when each phase of the project is completed. A customised app can also maintain the billing cycle for each stage of the project.

So, project management can become easier and more efficient with a bespoke app.

Improved Security

Security is essential when creating a customised app. The goal is to keep hackers out and protect data. Our apps are built to be secure, with the security features your business requires.

If you’d like to learn more about our app developer Manchester services, reach out today. We’re happy to answer your questions and learn more about your company to create your customised app.