App development in Harrogate

If you need an app, we have the experience and knowledge you need.  We’ll ensure that your app is the best possible for your company and that your customers have the best user experience.

We’ll support you through the entire process of creating the app, all the way up to launching your shiny, new app. The process starts off with a conversation with you and what is needed in the app, along with the strategy behind the app. Then we’ll work directly with you to design, develop and launch the app. We’re here to help you at each stage of the process. We’ll get your app online and it will be available for both Android and iOS.

We’ll give you the best experience possible, so that when all’s said and done, you’ll have an amazing new app that’s easy to use, saves time and build customer engagement, while also increasing their loyalty.

app development in leeds
leeds app development

What Is App Development?

This is a process that starts off with your unique idea. From there, we’ll help you determine if the app idea is something that brings value and solutions to your user’s pain points. Then we work with you to determine if your idea for the app is usable and would actually work. This analysis will determine if we move on to the next stage of app development or not. If the app seems to be a great idea, then we’ve move on to the next step.

Developing the strategy behind the app is the next step in development. Here, you can visit with others to see if the app is a viable solution to a problem. From these conversations, you may even come up with some new ideas such as additional functionalities, and more. Once this has been accomplished, then you’ll need to run an audit to see if the app would be competitive or not. After this, the next step is to obtain some user feedback, which is important for improving the app. When all this is done, you’ll have a finished app.

What Makes a Good App Developer?

That’s a good question and we’ve put these tips together on what to look for in a good app developer:


Creativity is a must, or the app will fail to impress the user. The work should not be too flashy, but should provide a solution for the end user, while also being attractive.


An app developer needs to be able to develop an app that can be used on multiple platforms.


An app developer needs to be able to work well with others including their team and client. You, as the client, should be included at each step of the app development process.


Communication is a must. Your app developer needs to be a great communicator and keep you in the loop at each step of the app development process. Poor communication skills only lead to delays in the project deadline, misunderstandings and more.

How Long Does It Take to Develop an App and How Much?

These are important questions to ask and we’ve got the answer for you. When it comes to creating a quality app, it will take time.

The needed to create the app will depend on these factors:

  • Purpose of the app
  • Functionality that needs to be included
  • Types of systems that need to be integrated
  • And more

Even so, we’ll provide you with a rough timeline of how long the project may take. This will happen before we even provide you with a quote for the project cost.

As a rule, development of a simple app can take anywhere from 3-4 months from the time the design has been signed off and creative elements chosen. The cost usually runs into the thousands of pounds; however, we ensure you receive high returns on your investment. And remember, we’re here to support you at each stage of app development.

app developers in leeds
app development

Hybrid or Native?

This is a common question you’ll be asked by any app developer. What does it refer to? Let’s take a look.

Hybrid apps are generally built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—the same used for both web apps and websites. Development of an app is simpler and can be done faster. When completed, the finished app can then be available on the App store, Play Store and even work on Windows devices.

On the other hand, native apps are built with a specific platform in mind. They will not work on any other platform. It’s impossible to have a native iOS app work on an Android device.

Native apps, on the other hand, are built for a specific platform; they will not work on any other platform. You can’t have a native Android app work on an iOS device, for instance.

Benefits of Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are the best choice, as they work across multiple platforms and only require one codebase, instead of two. Why is this important to you? It means you’ll only need to pay half the number of developers, rather than two which would be necessary to develop two native apps. And your project will be completed must faster. In other words, choosing hybrid apps is a more cost-effective and time saving process for you. You’ll see your app finished, and on the market much sooner. And hybrid apps are much easier to update if required.

How Do We Help? Bespoke App development in Harrogate

We provide you with our considerable experience and knowledge. We’ve worked hard to gain the experience and knowledge required for your project. In fact, we’ve worked on countless projects and bring all this experience to your service in creating a new app. Our experience ranges from blockchain technology and IoT capabilities, and more. Plus, you can count on us at each step of the process.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best design and development talents around. We’re confident we can bring your app to completion and success. We provide bespoke functionality, while supporting you at each stage of the app development process.

You can count on us to provide:


We will make sure your app is optimised for the best mobile experience.


We’ll build you an app with the user in mind. The user experience will stay consistent across multiple platforms.


Your app will be built using security best practices and industry standards that are available. Your app will be safe against security issues.


Our app solutions will integrate with APIs, existing systems and other infrastructures.

Finally, we’re here to support you by successfully developing your app to meet user’s needs. We’ll keep you updated at each step in the process from creating your app all the way to when it’s launched. If you need quality app developers in Harrogate, please contact us! We’re looking forward to talking with you!