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If you are in Sheffield and searching for services that handle app development, then look no further. For your next app development in Sheffield, Pragmatic digital is in the perfect position to help. Over the years, we have gained valuable knowledge and experience. We use these traits to make sure your app will be successful. We can deliver a promising experience on mobile for both your customers and yourself.

You need to be involved during the app development process, so we make sure to keep you up to date the whole time. We make sure you are supported up to the launch of the app. The process we use starts with an in-depth review of what is required by your app. We also review the method you use to drive people to use the mobile application. Then, we work with you on the apps design and features. We are also able to assist in launching the app online or across various platforms. 

Every individual app development project is different. Rest assured that your app will have a bespoken development process. At the end of this process, your app will help build the loyalty of your customers, it’ll save you time, and it will be very user friendly. This app will be successful, and we will be with you the whole way through.

app development in sheffield
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App Development – What is it?

App development, put simply, is the process of creating an app that spans from initial concept to launch. Starting with your idea, which must offer a solution to a problem for the user, the process begins with a question. “Why hasn’t anyone solved this common issue yet?” This question is important as it will help you discover any flaws in your app. You want to make sure that your idea is truly the solution. After you are done analyzing your idea, we move on to the second stage of the process.

The next stage is vital to the process, it is the development of the app strategy. Getting public feedback on your app at this stage is helpful. This feedback will help you figure out how the app will be used and how it feels. Once you have a rough idea of how your app will run, you can figure out how to market and launch it successfully. At this point, having a partner is crucial to achieving your goal. This is where we come in handy.

What Makes a Good App Developer?

We’re happy you asked that question! We’ve put together some tips on what to look for in a good app developer:



Creativity is important in app development. It is also important that this creativity doesn’t disrupt the app’s usability. The concept should be brought to life after engaging the user.


Cross Platform

You must ensure that the app developer can work across multiple platforms.



You want an app developer that will collaborate with you as a team. You must be involved in the development process to make sure that it is a success.



Good communication skills are very important to have throughout the entire process. If an app developer doesn’t have these skills, bugs, delays, and other bad things are liable to come into existence.

What is the Cost and Time Frame of App Development?

These questions are important in picking an app developer. And often, these are the first questions that people ask Sheffield app Development.

To answer the question of time, when it comes to creating mobile apps, it can differ. There are a few variables that determine the time frame. Both the time and cost of the project is determined by the purpose of the app. The functionality makes the job proceed differently. The systems you integrate, PayPal, CRM, or MySQL, will all be prior to the quote of the project. This will also determine how long it will take. It normally takes about 3-4 months, as a baseline, for simple app development. This time frame begins at the sign off of creative elements and design.

The cost of all this is normally a thousand pounds. However, this is an investment, not a throwaway payment that equals to nothing. You are also getting support through the entire process as we will be with you the whole time.

app developers in sheffield
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Hybrid or Native?

When talking with app developing prospects, you’ll probably be asked this question a lot. You should probably know what it means.

Native Apps- These apps are built for a specific platform. This means that the app will only work on the platform it is designed for (iOS or Android, for example).

Hybrid Apps- These apps are much quicker and simpler to develop, using the same technology like websites and web apps to build them. App Store, Play Store, and sometimes Windows devices will be able to support your app.

Benefits of Hybrid Apps

As it was already stated, a hybrid app can work on multiple different platforms. This is because it only requires a single codebase, rather than multiple. This means that you will need to pay for a fraction of the developers as you would for a couple native apps. Also, this means your project will be completed faster, as well. This is a cost-effective process that heads to market quicker.

As an added note, Hybrid apps are generally easier to update in the future also.

How Do We Help? Bespoke App development in Sheffield

For years, we have been involved with a lot of app development projects. Such as the Internet of Things, blockchain technology, payments, and more. Our team’s talents are at your disposal. We guarantee that we will do our best to give you an app that has the potential to succeed. Every project is tailored by us, as well as the functionality your app requires. These are the areas that we pay special attention to:



We handle all the calibrations needed to optimise the experience of the mobile app. This includes a faster interface.


User experience

Your app is developed while thinking about the user. You want consistency throughout platforms when it comes to user experience.



One of our top priorities is the security of your app. We make sure that the practices we use follow industry standards and help protect against potential issues in security.



With the ability to integrate with APIs, our App solution can also integrate with existing systems and any other required infrastructure.

We’re here to support you in the successful development of an app that will meet a user’s needs. You can count on us at each step in the process of creating your app—from beginning to launch—we’re here for you. Contact us if you need quality app developers in Sheffield.

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  • 5 star review  I would highly recommend working with Pragmatic Digital, Rob has been really helpful in developing our company website and we have seen an uplift in users since the changes have been implemented. Working with Pragmatic Digital has been easy, the team have reacted quickly to short deadlines and their customer service is second to none.

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