Freelance Web Developer in Harrogate

Are you looking for some of the best freelance web developers in Harrogate? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’re in the business of providing website development, design and digital marketing services. And we have years of experience behind us. We’ve worked on many types of projects, across a wide variety of businesses. Our goal is to improve each aspect of your online presence. 

We’ll provide you honest and professional services and we have the expertise and knowledge needed to help with all aspects of your online presence including increasing leads, improving branding and scaling your business. Our goal is to build an effective site that solves your digital marketing issues. We understand that your website should be the main marketing tool for your company. If this isn’t the case, we’ll take care of this problem, too.

Our bespoke website designs are created to meet your company’s unique needs. You can count on a modern, clean design with every project. Your site will be built around a specific call to action, which works to optimise both lead generation and sales. We will make sure nothing is overlooked and you can count on quality with each step in the website building process. You’ll even receive a written copy, images and site elements used on your site.

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What Websites Do We Build?

We the experience and knowledge to deliver your business website development projects, no matter what the functionality required on your site.


You’ll have a site that can easily take payments, manage stock, process orders with precision and more. We’ll make sure your site has everything necessary to run and manage your online store. We’ll work to integrate your website with your brick and motor process, so you’ll be able to automate tasks that are boring or redundant. You’ll be able to focus on the more important aspects of running your business.


While these sites are simple, we make sure they properly blend with and promote your brand, services and products. All a brochure website needs is a blog and contact forms.


We can also build a website that does much more! We’re happy and excited to do so! No matter if your site needs the functionality of integrating with other services, managing bookings or more, we have the knowledge and experience needed to build a site that will help scale your business.

Why Use our Services?

We have many reasons you should use our services for your freelance web developer projects in Harrogate! Here are a few reasons just to give you an idea:

Flexibility: we offer you a flexible service, which means we can easily accommodate your business requirements and help you meet your commitments. You can count on us to provide a quality web site that suits you, your business and your target audience.

Affordable services: we provide you with an affordable service, so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing quality just to stay on budget. We have low overheads and can provide you with a cost-effective service. And we’ll provide you with a lower delivery price so you can save money, and ending up with a quality website.

Single point of contact: each time, you can count on a single point of contact throughout your project. You’ll receive fast responses and we’ll provide you with excellent communication by having the same person in contact with you every time. You’ll have a person who knows you, your company and has knowledge about your account. They’ll be ready to help you when you need it—every time.

What You Need for Your Web Development Project

We have what you need for your website project. Here are the services we provide for each web development project we work on:


If you need an email list or want to use social media more effectively, we can help. This service comes with every website development project. You’ll have a website that blends your online presence in one place, with an attractive, modern design that includes signup options for site visitors. All of your digital marketing elements will be in one place.


Your call to action will be visible and easy for site visitors to find. It will be obvious to them, no matter whether the next step is to call you or make a purchase. Site visitors won’t be left guessing on what to do next and will easily follow your call to action. They’ll find engaging with your company website easy and pleasant. We’ll work with you to develop your company’s primary call to action, and then build this into the site’s final design.


Your site needs to be optimised for speed. We know and understand this. Page load speeds make all the difference between ranking in the search engines and high bounce rates. We’ll ensure your page load speeds are fast and that your site ranks at the top of the search engine results. As freelance web developers in Harrogate, there’s a lot we can do to ensure your site’s load speeds are fast.


The Internet faces many security issues each day and we understand your site needs to be secure. We take your company’s security seriously, so you can count on us to use best practices to keep your site safe. We can also help maintain you site, so you’ll have peace of mind that the site is monitored at all times.


This is an important factor to draw traffic to your website. We provide excellent SEO optimisation services with each and every web development project. We’ll even make sure your entire site is optimised, no matter how large or small your website may be. We treat all projects with the utmost care and respect—every time.

What Other Services Do We Provide?

You guessed it – we do provide some additional services for your site including:


We guarantee to improve and raise your local ranking with the relevant keywords with a combination of core strategy and SEO factors. This service goes right along with your site’s SEO optimization.


Our social media package includes taking care of “low hanging” engagement. We’ll monitor your social media accounts and let you know when it’s time to engage. We can also schedule industry and audience specific content and link your online presence to generate even more web traffic and grow your following.


We all know content is king! We provide content marketing services that fit your business. No matter what you need—from optimized blog posts to website copywriting and infographics, we’ll take care of it for you.

We’re ready to help you with your next project. Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us with questions and ideas you may have. We’re here to help you!