Magento – Is It Still Worth It?

Magneto continues to be one of the most popular ecommerce platforms around. And this popularity is expected to grow, especially after being acquired by Adobe. The experts believe this will make the platform even more effective and popular as we head into 2021. 

Even so, Magneto has had some issues in the past that have made some wary of the platform. We’re talking about the huge security issues found back in 2018. 

Considering the platform’s issues, is it still a viable option for your business? 

What is Magneto? 

Magneto is an opensource ecommerce platform software that makes it easier for online stores to provide users with a flexible shopping cart. It also gives businesses more control over the content, functionality of online shops, and more control when it comes to customising the store. The software also provides dynamic SEO, catalog management, and marketing tools. 

While this platform is not the best option for those who don’t code, it still easy to install and customise. Not only that, right now it remains free, making this a cost-effective solution for online businesses. The software even makes it easier to apply various discounts and promotions during the checkout process. And it supports over 50 payment gateways. 

Magneto is a powerful ecommerce solution that works for businesses of all types and sizes. 

Magneto’s Effect on the Market

Magneto has had a marked effect on ecommerce sites. It has strived to ensure users have a great experience through the use of a mobile-friendly theme, as well as providing brilliant tools such as upsells and cross-sells. This all comes together to businesses earn even more revenue. 

The platform also provides features and scalability that work to bring in customers and higher sales. And it’s expected that Magneto will excel with more improved features due to the Adobe acquisition. 

How Has Adobe’s Acquisition Impacted Magneto? 

Abobe’s acquisition of Magneto created a shock within the ecommerce sector. The acquisition created new functionalities and improvements to the user experience and more. In addition, the Commerce Integration Framework will bring even more effective solutions for businesses. This tool makes it easier for businesses to work with one tool for managing the user experience for both ecommerce and content. 

What’s the Future for Magneto? 

For one thing, the future of Magneto involves progressive web apps. Adobe has already begun making progressive web apps, which are available for those who use Magneto. The apps are easily accessed through the PSW Studio, as well as the developer tool kit. This allows Magneto customers to create online stores that work more like an app. Users have a more comfortable experience as a result, which will result in increased sales. 

Magneto looks to have a very bright future, and it’s even managed to release version 2.4 during the pandemic. 

Advanced PIM Solution

After partnering with Akeneo in 2018, Magneto has made it much easier to aggregated product data easier than ever before. For instance, it’s now possible to unify product data across Magneto, CMS, and ERP. And product creation, as well as approval workflows, are smoother. These changes have to lead to faster market distribution and increased sales, which has led to increased sales. 

Updates to AI

AI has brought vast changes to all types of websites including the way users interact with the site. Not only that, but AI can also gather data on customer behaviour, and then if changes are needed, the system can be quickly updated. 

Chatbots, which are also AI, will be used in many stores, which helps customers find a quick solution to their problems. Magento will keep adapting AI to deliver an even better customer/user experience as they move forward. 

The Problems with Magneto

One of the biggest problems is that Magneto businesses are worried the software will become paid product, after the acquisition by Adobe. Experts expect Adobe will include Magneto in their Experience Cloud, which is their enterprise solutions. They expect that if this happens, everyone will have to start paying to use Magneto. 

Right now, the platform continues to be free. Adobe has said they will support Magneto 1 until June 2021. This means that the software will not become a paid product in 2021. 


This is a crucial issue with Magneto. The platform has recently seen increased problems with security.  One of the problems came to light in October when a large cyber gang found 24 unpatched vulnerabilities in third-party plugins. The gang used various techniques to breach online stores. 

Then in November 2018, security tests show that of 4,500 websites, almost 80% were found to be at increased risk of cyberattacks. Most of the vulnerabilities dealt with security patches not being updated. 

However, it is possible to increase security by regularly updating the software. This is a simple way to increase the security of your ecommerce site. 

Magneto’s Success

Increased Market Share

While Magneto did lose its position as the 2nd largest ecommerce platform, it has not suffered a reduction in its market share. Due to the Adobe acquisition, Magento saw solid growth. The changes brought about by Adobe include the PWA studio, developer tool kit, and improved products. 

In addition, the platform also offers many tools that also make Magneto more valuable. These tools include analytics, data management, as well as content management. It’s expected that as Magneto becomes more advanced, it will become a greater challenge to other ecommerce platforms. 

Summing It Up

It’s true that Magento has seen its hard times; however, the platform has given up. While it is in strong competition with Spotify, Magneto is here to stay. The security issues have also improved, with regular updates and patches. So, it’s expected that in 2021 Magneto move up in position in the ecommerce sector. Now we just have to watch and see what happens!  

Is Magneto still worth it? The answer is a definite yes!

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