The Benefits of a WordPress Support Retainer

Running a website takes a lot of work when it comes to tasks, standard maintenance and technical support. It’s challenging to run a WordPress business—development of your site doesn’t end when the site launches. In fact, there’s quite a bit of work to do when it comes to keeping the site running.

Just as an example, think of your site as a building—possibly a home. Your home needs daily, monthly and annual upkeep, otherwise it will deteriorate and will become unlivable. With your website, you’ve put a lot of work into designing and building it. Now the site’s up and running, it will need ongoing maintenance to keep it running smoothly in order to keep your business going. This is where a WordPress support retainer service comes into play.

What is a WordPress Support Retainer?

“Retainer” is a term common to legal services provided by a lawyer. If you hire a lawyer “on retainer,” it means you pay the lawyer a small amount (perhaps on a monthly basis) for them to offer legal services when you need them. A WordPress retainer is a person or company you hire “on retainer” to help with ongoing maintenance on your site.

You can now hire a WordPress retainer to help keep your site up and running. WP Retainers offer a combination of support and maintenance as you need them. They’ll ensure your site remains stable and reliable, and more. A WordPress retainer can also help with new features and functionalities. In a word, they’ll help manage your entire site.

Think of a WordPress retainer as a partner—one who takes care of the website details, so you can focus on other aspects of the business.

Benefits of Using a WordPress Retainer

Here are some of the benefits a WordPress retainer partner can provide you and your business:

1). Keeps your site secure: WordPress is one of the most popular CMS platforms out there, which also makes it a huge target for hackers. With a WP retainer, you’ll have someone (or a team) who can monitor your site on a regular basis, which makes it easier and faster to detect a hacking issue. Your support partner will be able to remove malware and fix your site, in addition to keeping backups daily. They’ll also be able to detect viruses, perform security scans, prevent spam, and more.

A WP support professional will also ensure your site is regularly updated, while making sure the theme and plugins are working properly.

2). Cost effective: managing a site is a full-time job; think of the cost of having someone on-site full time just to keep your company’s website up and running. A WP professional (team or agency) can be a more cost-effective approach, especially if your business has a tight budget. You only pay a small fee each month and you use their services when needed.

It’s also easier to budget for a retainer service, as you’ll know how much it will cost each month. On the other hand, if you hire a WP professional only for emergencies, it is more difficult to predict how much to set aside for their services. With a retainer, you’ll always know the monthly spend.

3). Saves time with maintenance: content, CSS styles, theme, plugins, broken link, design enhancements, WP core changes, page layouts, etc. They provide a dedicated service to maintain your site and keep it running.

Plus, they have the knowledge needed to keep the site running. You won’t have to look for tutorials and other information on how to fix things, make changes, etc. Your time is freed up to run the business, take time off, etc.

4). SEO: this is a crucial part of running a website, needed to make the site successful when it comes to lead generation and connecting with customers.

A WP professional will ensure your site is optimized for search engines, to keep your company at the time of search results.

5). Develop a partnership: with a WP support retainer, you’ll have an on-going partner who will come to understand your business, while managing the website. They’ll be able to ensure your site stays in line with your business goals.

In fact, the longer your relationship together, the WP support service will learn about how your business runs, the specifics about the business and will in effect become part of your company’s team.

6). On-demand, priority support: you’ll have a faster turnaround when there’s a problem. You can count on priority support right when you need it.

In addition, you can count on experts who know WordPress inside and out. They have the knowledge to help you get problems fixed quickly and easily.

You’ll know who to turn to right away, without having to find a service provider who can help with the site’s specific issues.

7). WordPress analytics & reports: with the WordPress support retainer, you’ll have a partner who’s able to create reports that give insights into your site’s traffic and online business.

They will provide analytics to help you make improvements and updates to your company’s site, making sure it stays relevant and in the top of search engine results. You won’t have to run complex site analysis—the WP professional will take care of this for you.

8). You’ll have peace of mind: a WP professional on retainer will give you peace of mind. You won’t have to keep an eye on website maintenance and problems—they’ll take of this for you.

If you can’t afford to keep an in-house IT staff, this is a cost-effective method to have IT support at a fraction of the cost.

Instead, you can rely on the experts to take care of all aspects of website maintenance, giving you more time to work on other important aspects of the business. You’ll also be able to take some well-earned time off, knowing your site will be in good hands while you’re away.

As you can see, using a WordPress support retainer provides you many benefits at a price you can afford. Most of all, you’ll have a partner who can give you peace of mind—you won’t have to worry about site maintenance, and your partner will keep you up to date with analytics and site optimization. What could be better for you and your business than using a WP support retainer service?

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