Top reasons to use Magento 2 for Ecommerce Development

Today, opensource CMSs have become a huge benefit to site owners, making it easier to manage their sites with the assistance of developers. While WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are good choices for ecommerce sites’ storefronts, they just provide an excellent shopping cart solution, especially for larger sites.

This is where Magneto comes into play. Magneto 2 incorporates all the features of the previous versions but comes with the latest functionalities and features. Even though the ecommerce platform market offers a wide variety of solutions, Magneto outdoes them all.

What Magneto 2 shine? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Flexibility
  • Alluring design
  • Best UX
  • Sturdy
  • Security

In addition, Magneto regularly improves the platform, while making it both viable now as well as in the future. Each new release keeps Magneto popular. There are other reasons that keep Magneto at the top, too. We’ll take a look at these from an end-user’s perspective, the store owner’s perspective, and then from a developer’s perspective.

Why End-User’s Prefer Magneto 2

1). Personalisation

Today’s businesses have a great opportunity when it comes to gathering shoppers’ preferences, browsing history and even their behaviour. With this data, they can use Magneto to create personalised experiences for online shopping excursions.

Magneto 2 is equipped with the technologies to gather all of this data, which makes it easier for shop owners to create personalised products & services, along with customised marketing incentives. So, Magneto works to increase conversion rates, while creating a personalised experience for each customer. This helps create loyal customers who will come back for more.

In addition, all of this can work together to close more deals in the shopping cart, get customers to buy more and increase repeat business. The result is a better bottom line.

2). Streamlined Checkout

Magneto also creates a streamlined checkout for customers, which is essential to closing the deal. When this can be done without problems, and the checkout process is easy to understand, then there are lower rates of shopping cart abandonment, which improves conversion rates, too.

3). Advanced Search

More people use the search function today more than ever. It’s an extremely useful tool that helps them find exactly what they need or want. And the results can be filtered, which makes the search faster and more specific.

The search functionality in Magneto makes the search more fun and easier to find new products and services, regardless of the size of the online store. What’s more, the search function is very easy to use and provides a comprehensive, easy to understand navigation options, even for those who are new to the site.

From the Storeowner’s Perspective

1). Responsive Design

Because a large portion of online shopping is done on mobile devices, it’s imperative that sites are mobile-friendly. Magneto 2 makes it easy to design a wonderful UX across all areas of the site.

In addition, it provides platform & cross-browser compatibility, which makes Magneto a great option for today’s ecommerce sites.

2). Usability

Magneto 2 makes the user experiences for backend users, too. This is due to the number of powerful tools on the backend, which make everything easier—from automation and order management, to shopping, reporting and inventory.

3). Internationalisation

This is an important feature in Magneto 2. With this CMS, it’s easier than ever to reach out to global shoppers. Magneto supports numerous languages and currencies from all around the world.

4). Easier to Manage Content

It’s never been easier for the site owner or staff to update the content, without the need for IT assistance. It’s important to integrate your SEO strategy with your ecommerce platform. We all know this. When it comes to Magneto 2, it has built-in functionality to ensure the best practices of SEO are followed. There are also numerous modules to choose from that make SEO even better.

Making changes to the storefront is also easy with Magneto. It’s possible to preview changes, and manage them in a dashboard, which includes a timeline. You can even schedule updates.

The Developer’s Perspective

1). Magneto is Opensource

While Magneto is an opensource CMS, it has everything needed for today’s ecommerce sites. Developers can take advantage of many things including templates, extensions, documentations, modules, widgets, training, and more. These are all offered by the Magneto community to create ecommerce storefronts that are centered on the users’ experience.

2). Speed

Magneto 2 provides as much as 20% more speed and performance compared to the previous version of this CMS.

3). Security

These days, security is crucial for ecommerce sites. Magneto 2 is more secure than any of the previous versions. This is because the structure directories can be changed in the source. The result is that it’s much harder to steal or hack codes directly from the root directory.

4). Flexibility

Magneto 2 makes it easy to build an ecommerce site without borders. Not only do the tools and extensions make everything easier for the site users, but backend users will also find it much easier. Tools such as extensions, automation, management of order, and more will be easier.

5). Smoothness

Programming with Magneto 2 has never been easier. This is because of its extensive JavaScript library set as the default, rather than the jQuery library. This means it avoids conflicts with those that library while creating great features and building in functionality.

6). Compatibility

Because Magneto 2 is PHP-based, it is compatible with the most recent version of PHP and it’s frameworks. It also works well with other major databases including Oracle, Hadoop, and MySQL.

7). Easy to Assemble

With other CMSs, there can be a problem when integrating with other databases. However, Magneto 2 makes this easy and fast with the use of a third-party tool. And it’s easy to use cloud services when integrating data. Magneto 2 makes it easy and fast to integrate data.

Managing an online business isn’t easy with all the challenges caused by new technologies, and more. Magneto makes it easier than ever to stay current, as well as future-forward. Your business will be able to deal with any new developments, while ensuring your customers have an easy, smooth experience with the site. Magneto 2 provides a great solution for developing your business every time.


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